“I started seeing Rosie a few months back for stress. My job was very difficult and putting an emotional strain on me. I couldn’t sleep and was tired all the time. After a few treatments I noticed a huge difference and actually started sleeping through the night! Rosie is an excellent practitioner and a beautiful person who’s passionate about what she does. I’d recommend her to anyone!”
– Sherry B.

“Rosie is a miracle worker! My whole life I’ve been afraid of needles, so she was my first experience with acupuncture EVER! I was at the tail end of finishing a book, and more stressed out than I’ve ever been in my life. My back and shoulders were tense, I was anxious to the point that I was having trouble breathing. But after just ONE session with Rosie, my muscles released and I felt calmer than I had all year – completed relaxed physically, emotionally, and mentally. I was able to complete my book and now I’m a big believer in acupuncture therapy. Rosie changed my world and I guarantee she will do the same for you!”
– Cecily M.

“I have received acupuncture and healthcare guidance from Rosie Strelnick LAc. about a dozen times. In each visit she was thorough in gathering detailed information about my complaints and was very competent in her acupuncture treatment and her recommendations for how I could adjust my diet to support my recovery.  I was also pleasantly surprised at the immediate improvement in my pain levels with my sore knee and I was delighted that her treatments always left me feeling better emotionally. I wholeheartedly recommend Rosie Strelnick LAc. to anyone pursuing healing. I am glad to have her as a ‘go to’ healing resource in my life.”
– Russell S.

“I had been receiving acupuncture treatments from Rosie for stress relief when one day I got a terrible toothache. I was trying everything I knew that could ease the pain but to no avail. I was at the point where I was strongly considering yanking out the tooth myself. Rosie assured me that acupuncture could help my toothache as well. The pain was completely relieved within 10 minutes flat. I couldn’t have felt better. She is incredible at what she does and it’s amazing how you barely feel the needle go in. She makes you feel really comfortable as she is treating you and her great sense of humor is a bonus. When all is finished you feel right as rain.”
– Ellis C.

“I never knew about the benefits of acupuncture until I met Miss Strelnick. During a very stressful time in my life she recommended I try an acupuncture treatment to relieve said stress. I never had a better night’s sleep in my life after she treated me. Also, she treated me with food therapy when I had a nasty cold. That’s when I learned food could also be medicine. Rosie takes great pride in her work and is really good at what she does.”
– Steven C.

“I have seen Rosie multiple times now. I can feel the effects of the treatment almost immediately after the sessions. Rosie makes you feel very comfortable. A lot of people are scared of the needles but Rosie is very skilled and the pain is almost negligible. Acupuncture can be extremely effective for a wide range of problems and I recommend it to everyone!”
– Dan J.

“I met Rosie in 2013 when we lived in the same apartment complex.  I immediately loved her!  I was experiencing a lot of anxiety and she told me she was going to school to become an acupuncturist.
I want to express just how talented and skilled Rosie is at what she does.  You would have thought she was already a practicing acupuncturist.  She carried herself with a quiet confidence and I felt like I was in such good hands.  She knew exactly where to place the needles to get the best affect and I felt immediate release from pressure, pain and anxiety.  I love her sense of humor and enjoyed the special attention she gave to me on a regular basis.  She was always willing to give me relief and to do what was needed to put me back into a positive frame of mind.
I know that you will instantly connect with Rosie when she works on your problem areas because she is so qualified and knowledgeable and this is definitely her calling.”
– Dolores K.

“Rosie is a skilled and gifted practitioner. She has an informative and caring approach, with a natural ability to put me at ease. She has treated me for several different issues, including migraines and anxiety. I am always amazed at how effective her treatments are, and how quickly she can intuit what is ailing me. I highly recommend her.”
– Leone P.

“Acupuncture has been very beneficial for me. I am 38 years old woman and a recovering drug addict which is terrified of taking any medication for fear I may relapse. I tried acupuncture to help with my stress level and back pain. I strongly recommend Rosie her natural ability and healing hands are one of true miracle.”
– Antonina A.

“I met Rosie about three years ago at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. She was my assigned Acupuncturist Intern. Rosie made me feel at home right away. Her beautiful smile and amazing caring and nurturing personality offered a welcoming presentation. But, it was a few minutes later, after the initial intake questionnaire and treatment that I realized how incredibly professional and prepared she was. When Rosie did the initial intake questionnaire. She took the time to listen, ask, and take the necessary questions in order to prepare a treatment plan of action. Needless to say, the treatment resolved shortly my tachycardia and low-energy. I came out of the treatment room feeling renovated. Rosie’s treatment put my system back in harmony.
After that initial treatment, I continued treatments with Rosie all throughout her last semester of school and beyond her graduation until she moved. It has not only been a pleasure to have met Rosie, but a great opportunity to reach a health balance. She guided me in several areas that encompass the Traditional Chinese Medicine: Nutrition, Fitness, Integrated Chinese Massage therapy, acupuncture, moxa, guasha, and cupping. It is with great pleasure and assurance that I highly recommend her as an acupuncturist”
– Isabel M.

“When you look to a health professional to guide you, you want someone you can trust, especially when you are feeling your most vulnerable. In theory, any licensed acupuncturist is sufficiently knowledgeable and qualified to practice, but what sets Rosie apart is her individuality. “Nonjudgmental” is the first quality I realized about this oncology-related specialist. Maybe it’s her personal experience that makes Rosie suitable for this concentration, or maybe it’s because she is so dedicated and genuinely cares about individuals that she is able to offer a caring and safe environment. I don’t think it hurts that she is fluent in Mandarin and did an internship in Beijing where she practiced this medicine in its birthplace, and continues to refine her skills…What I do know is that we are fortunate to have a dedicated, gentle yet assertive, budding practitioner who we can turn to for many years to come.”
– Melissa C.