“When you look to a health professional to guide you, you want someone you can trust, especially when you are feeling your most vulnerable. In theory, any licensed acupuncturist is sufficiently knowledgeable and qualified to practice, but what sets Rosie apart is her individuality. “Nonjudgmental” is the first quality I realized about this oncology-related specialist. Maybe it’s her personal experience that makes Rosie suitable for this concentration, or maybe it’s because she is so dedicated and genuinely cares about individuals that she is able to offer a caring and safe environment. I don’t think it hurts that she is fluent in Mandarin and did an internship in Beijing where she practiced this medicine in its birthplace, and continues to refine her skills…What I do know is that we are fortunate to have a dedicated, gentle yet assertive, budding practitioner who we can turn to for many years to come.”
– Melissa C.